Something a Little Fantastic

I will get better at this. I will let myself feel pretty, and hush that voice that says I don’t deserve it, that it can’t be true, when other people say so.

  1. alsoalice said: 16 hours late but of course you’re pretty Abbie, you genuinely are so I always kinda thought you knew it. If I’d known you thought you weren’t I would have told you that you were pretty on every selfie you ever took until you didn’t need reminding.
  2. charlesholbert said: Sometimes I wish you could see through my eyes, because what I see in these pictures is the most beautiful person in the world.
  3. midnightswaltz said: I know that voice. I hate that voice. It lies, but it’s all too easy to believe. It took years of “it doesn’t matter” to that voice before I could say “thank you” to comments. One day I hope to be able to believe compliments.
  4. macyaudenstarr said: Good. Because you ARE pretty. <3
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