Something a Little Fantastic

New glasses! The first pair. I know it’s creeping on1am, but I said I would do this after I scrubbed the shower and cleaned up, so here it is. And of course I couldn’t not get a little dolled up. (I’m actually wearing pencil eyeliner! How the fuck do people use this shit, I hate it.)

A few shots of the second pair are next.

  1. charlesholbert said: Strikingly Cute!!! But the fifth picture is Deviously Sassy. I like it!
  2. burningletter- replied:
  3. typingtess said: I like both pairs of glasses - you look really great!
  4. restlesswander-r said: Cute!
  5. girlwithsixsmiles said: Love them! My glasses (when I wear them) are similar. Did some cleaning/laundry tonight too. Blech.
  6. thecoolcheryl said: Gorgeous! The glasses and the girl wearing them.
  7. macyaudenstarr said: These are super cute! (Also, I hate cleaning the bathroom. Hate. It.)
  8. batsonthebrain said: much ferocious, such wow, so red lip color and fancy new frames
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