Something a Little Fantastic

So I got an AMAZING birthday present today from a certain someone.

These wonderful, adorable little Munnies were handpainted by the magnificent Charles Holbert Jr., and every last one of you should be seething in jealousy right now because they are FANTASTIC.

Cap and Bucky Bear are going to be taking pride of place front and center of my hero-bobbles lineup at the top of my bookshelf, which rules over and surveys all the thriving land of My Room.

This was a really wonderful present to come home and find, I really must say. <3 Thanks, Charles, darling, you are the best.

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    That would be my bed, though I’d personally say more “comfortable as sin” than “adorable.” ;p
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    Cap and Bucky Bear are cute, but there’s something in these pictures that’s far more adorable than the both of them put...
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  4. odairiver said: ooh, those are amazing. I’m glad you got the good stuff for your birthday.
  5. notababoonbrandishingastick said: They are SO CUTE!!
  6. charlesholbert said: I’m glad you like it! <3