Something a Little Fantastic
We don't talk much, we're new to each other. I've noticed we have a lot in common, though I'm too chicken to really comment much. So I watch you interact with your friends and smile because, if there's someone that funny, and that good, and that amazing around, maybe the world isn't so bad after all. You're very good at bringing that light out in the people around you here. All in all, following you was a brilliant decision, and I can't wait to get to know you better.

Oh my goodness, Anon, you brought for real tears to my eyes. I wish I was half so good or funny or amazing as the me you describe. But I can promise you, with it being nothing I could possibly take credit for, that the world really isn’t so bad after all. It can certainly be shit, and full of terrible things, and awful people. But there’s plenty to balance. And the little things, life’s small pleasures and tiny kindnesses, the little sighs of relief or momentary contentedness or the little things we chuckle at, they really do make each day imminently survivable.

I look so very forward to getting to know you, too, Anon, and am so glad you followed me, or interacted with me at all. Please never feel afraid to talk to me, whether a passing comment or dropping me an ask. There’s absolutely nothing to fear; you’re entirely welcome, and even if sometimes I’m a little crap at response time (I do this with everyone from time to time, one of my really bad flaws), I am always happy to talk with people. I look forward to us becoming friends.


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