Something a Little Fantastic

So, I’m reading this book, and I had an interesting thought:

If supernatural creatures were to come out of the closet, for this example specifically vampires, would those people who carry on the vampiric lifestyle then be guilty of cultural appropriation/racial stereotyping? Would those humans then need to give up their lifestyle as it aped, possibly offensively, an existing people?

Yes, these odd thoughts do often occur to me, and I spent more time following the braintrails than probably I should.

  1. fuzzyraccoon said: It would 100% garner attention and be subject to stereotyping. People would flip out and things would probably be terrible for vampires. It’d probably take 100 years for things to get better for them, if the history of every movement is any judge.
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  4. redmiel said: If supernatural creatures were to come out of the closet would we all have a big spooky gay party?
  5. poetmelancholia said: TUMBLR EQUALITY - stop appropriating our vampire image you sex-obsessed attention-seekers. This is who I am, not a glittered-up fairy. This is both offensive and racist and you should walk over a flaming path of legos.